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Focus excerpt from Danbury

Lib Dems slam Tories over four-year Planning delays

The Conservatives running Chelmsford Borough Council have been attacked for leaving the Borough in planning limbo for possibly as much as four years, and for not 'coming clean' on where the new houses will go. A report to a council meeting in February said that the new-style local development plan might not be adopted until Spring 2008!

22 Mar 2005

Chelmsford needs Crossrail but will Labour deliver? - Robinson

Labour supporters recently claimed that the Crossrail route (direct trains from Shenfield to west of London) would be a help to Chelmsford. After eight years of government underinvestment in rail, we should not hold our breath, says Chelmsford Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Robinson.

21 Mar 2005
Phone Mast near school

Stephen Robinson challenges our MP over Phone mast controls

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Stephen Robinson has challenged our MP to support a Lib Dem bill to bring mobile phone masts under strict planning control. He said, "The Conservatives did a deal with the phone companies when they were in government to cut planning controls for masts. It is easier to get planning permission for a mast than it is for a front porch. This is an alarming situation and needs to be addressed."

18 Mar 2005
Lib Dem Leader Phil Harvey

Lib Dem Leader attacks Tory 'bureaucracy not services' budget

Liberal Democrats put forward a budget to Chelmsford Borough Council for lower council tax and better services. In contrast, the Conservatives proposed a Council Tax increase of 4% (above inflation) while ignoring young people and hitting motorists. Labour Councilors showed their commitment to local services by not even attending the meeting!

28 Feb 2005
Stephen harvesting signatures for Axe the Tax petition

"Don't Believe Tory election promises" - Robinson

Chelmsford's Lib Dem PPC Stephen Robinson has poured scorn over our Tory MP's attempts to make his discredited party more credible. Stephen said, "Why should we believe Conservative low tax 'promises' when they always raised them? Or that they will devolve powers to the very local authorities they worked to sideline? Or that they can take sensible decisions when they introduced madcap schemes like the Council tax?"

19 Feb 2005
Stephen with MPs at Parliament meeting

Robinson attends his first meeting of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party

West Chelmsford's Liberal Democrat candidate Stephen Robinson last week attended his first meeting of the Lib Dem Parliamentary Party. Mr Robinson was invited to attend the weekly meeting as part of a programme of inviting candidates who have a good chance of winning at the coming General Election.

14 Feb 2005