Local pharmacy crisis continues

28 Mar 2024
Liberal Democrat candidate Marie Goldman talks to pharmacist

Following the devastating news of yet more local pharmacy closures across Chelmsford, Marie Goldman has demanded answers from Conservative-run Essex County Council.

At a recent meeting, Marie called on health bosses at the County Council to come clean to residents on the scale of the issue impacting Chelmsford and pushed for assurances that our remaining pharmacies would be protected from future closures.

“Many pharmacies across Chelmsford are struggling to survive,” said Marie Goldman. “They provide a vital service to so many in our communities, the Conservative-run County Council must do more to help them stay open.”

Local pharmacies are a key hub for many communities and for those with especially busy or difficult lives, pharmacies are often the closest and most accessible place to get health advice. In some instances, for those who may struggle to engage with appointment-only services, a chance pop-in can save lives.

Marie Goldman said: “Many people in our area rely on their local pharmacies. The continued closures have had a devastating impact on local health and our local high street.

“With waiting times to get a GP appointment hitting record high levels, more people are turning to their local pharmacy for their health care needs. Pharmacies are a key community asset.”

Liberal Democrats nationally have called on the Government to offer greater support to community pharmacies.

Lib Dem Health Spokesperson, Daisy Cooper MP said: “Local pharmacies played a key role in the vaccine roll-out nationally, yet this Conservative Government are happy to stand by while many go bust. It’s just not good enough.

“Our communities deserve better than this Conservative government and its clear neglect of our vital healthcare services.”