About Marie

Marie is the Parliamentary Candidate for Chelmsford, the Deputy Leader of Chelmsford City Council and ward councillor for Moulsham & Central, in the heart of the city. Since 2021, she has also been the Essex County Councillor for Chelmsford Central.

Marie was the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Chelmsford at the 2019 General Election when the Lib Dems doubled their vote share, leapfrogging Labour into second place behind the Conservatives.

With a background in management consulting, Marie is a director of various small businesses, including a start-up company that uses cutting-edge technology to tackle the scourge of ticket touting for live events.

Although she has always taken a keen interest in current affairs, Marie says that she had never considered a career in politics until she got involved with the Liberal Democrats after the 2016 EU Referendum.

As an internationalist who spent a lot of her young adulthood living in other countries around the world, Marie believes passionately in the importance of international cooperation and cultural exchange. Marie says, "Only by having the opportunity to visit other countries - to live, work and even fall in love with people from different backgrounds - can we truly hope to build a safe, peaceful and better future for our children".

Marie also says she is increasingly concerned by the lack of concrete action on climate change. She says the government isn't doing anywhere near enough or fast enough to tackle climate change.

We need wholesale change at an international level to avoid going above a planet-changing temperature rise of two degrees. We can only hope to achieve that by working hand in hand with other countries - with the UK showing leadership, not the brinkmanship that has been all too common in recent times

Marie has a vision for Chelmsford that sees it become a centre of excellence for technology, innovation and education. She says we should build on our proud history of being home to companies such as Marconi and Crompton, and encourage more pioneers to join our growing, vibrant city.